About EWMD

EWMD is an international network of individual and corporate members, drawn from professional organisations and all areas of business, education, politics and culture.

EWMD was founded in 1984 with the vision to improve the quality of management with respect to people, children, age and the cultural diversity of Europe. Women and men as individuals, double career couples or families should have a balanced work and private life.

EWMD has members in more than 40 cities in Europe and some more in the United States, South Africa and Asia. There are active national chapters, and a growing number of city networks. Members are connected in local and in online communities, with blogs, wikis and mailinglists.

The network highlight is the international conference every year, which focuses on a broad spectrum of issues relating to new trends. Also smaller cross-border-meetings with time for networking and interactive workshops are getting more and more important.

Principles of EWMD
Principles of EWMD (PDF)